All About Lunch

2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

As you are aware, GSES is on an alternating lunchroom schedule. Because of this, we are asking that you only come in and have lunch with your child(ren) when they are in the lunchroom. Please do not plan to have lunch with your child(ren) when they are eating lunch in their classroom. There are visitor tables in the center of the lunchroom and you are more than welcome to eat lunch with your child at those tables.


A. Lunch Prices:

  • Students: $2.65

  • Faculty and Staff: $3.65

  • Visitors: $4.25


B. Breakfast Prices:

  • Students: $1.50

  • Faculty and Staff: $2.00

  • Visitors: $2.50


C. Extras, such as, Chips, ice cream, crackers, juice, etc. are available for an additional cost.



The weekly menu is included in the Sunday Send Out, our weekly newsletter. Full monthly menus can be found on the district website.



Each student has his/her own lunch account. Below are the options for adding money to your account. Any funds that have not been used on your child’s meal account will automatically carry to the new school year, even if they change schools within the district or if the software/on-line payment system changes.

A. Cash or Check: Send in cash or a check payable to GSES with your child. You can send in any amount and the balance will stay in your child's account as long as he/she is enrolled in a Huntsville City School. Send the money in a plastic bag or envelope clearly marked as lunch money, along with your child’s name and teacher.

B. Online: Sign up to monitor your child's lunch account and pay online at For a small fee, you can add funds to your child's account and even set up automatic payments. There is no charge for monitoring your child's account, checking the balance, and viewing what they have purchased. When registering, the website will ask you for a Student ID. This ID number can be obtained from the cafeteria manager. Call the school and asked to be transferred to the cafeteria or you can visit the school.

C. In person: Visit the cafeteria manager and pay cash or check to be deposited into your child's lunch account.



Your student will be assigned a lunch number the first week of school. This number is different than their Student ID mentioned above for making payments online. Please help your child memorize their lunch number. They will need to tell the cafeteria cashier their number when checking out.



Huntsville City Schools will no longer be providing a free breakfast to every student. Breakfast will be available for purchase in the cafeteria between 7:30 and 8:00. Your child may not be able to eat breakfast if he/she is tardy.  Breakfast menus can be found at



Online applications are available at Paper applications are available at your student’s school, from either the cafeteria staff or the school’s front office.



  • Can I eat with my child at lunch time?

Yes! Get your student's lunch time from their teacher and meet the class at the cafeteria. Do not go to your child’s classroom. Siblings are welcome too. Lunch times will also be posted on the PTA website when available.

  • How do I find out what’s for lunch?

The breakfast and lunch weekly menus are included in each week’s Sunday Send Out newsletter. The PTA website keeps the current monthly lunch menu posted on our Lunch page at We also post the weekly menu on the homepage and for easy access, it's the first thing that will appear on your phone when you go to our mobile website at Huntsville City Schools posts monthly breakfast and lunch calendars on their website too.

  • Does the money in my child’s lunch account carry over from year to year?

Yes, any funds that have not been used in your child’s meal account will automatically carry to the new school year, even if they change schools within the district or if the online payment system changes. If you leave Huntsville City Schools, contact the district Child Nutrition office at 256-428-6955 for a refund.

  • What if my child has no money or forgets his/her lunch?

Your child will still be allowed to eat. Please make sure he/she tells the teacher so that they can help them through the lunch line if necessary. The lunch purchase will be put on your child’s lunch account as a negative balance. Notices are sent home throughout the year if you have a negative balance.

  • What if my child has allergies or special dietary needs?

GSES is not nut-free, but the school does make special provisions for children with allergies, including restricting food in the classroom. See the Huntsville City Schools website for more information and/or contact our school nurse at 256-428-7150.

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